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  1. Choose your product then click  ‘BOOK NOW’
  2. Now select your participant numbers (maximum of 6 total between Child and Adult). (maximum of 4 Child).
  3. The calendar has now re-loaded and shows you all the available dates that match your requested Adult and Child numbers.
  4. Now choose your date and then select your your preferred start time below the calendar in the drop down box.
  5. To proceed with the booking click on the ‘Book Now’ button below the calendar.
  6. Here you will fill in participant details, enter gift voucher codes and/or payment details etc
    TIP 1
    *If your date preference shows ‘NOT AVAILABLE’ please click here and send us a message and depending on your participant numbers we may be able to make that day work for you to book in
    Tip 2
    *If your date says ‘SOLD OUT‘ try reducing your participant numbers or choose another date

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