No, for example, there could someone having a beginner barefoot lesson, someone else having an intermediate wakeboard lesson who is learning to do a flip and another person having a first timers lesson to get up on one ski. When someone is in the water they are having a one on one lesson with the coach on the particular thing they wanted to do for that lesson and for their ability level. So most likely there will be what we call a mixed bag of people in the boat.

Yes. For example, If you are coming along for a half day session you will get 2 on water lessons, you could barefoot in one of those lessons and water-ski in the other, however we do recommend for a half-day session you do the same thing in both of your on water lessons to maximize the learning experience and consolidate what you learnt in the first lesson in the second one.

Yes, as you get 4 on water lessons in a full day session there would be more time on the water to do that, for example, learn to barefoot in the first 2 lessons in the morning and after lunch learn to jump the wake on a wakeboard in your other 2 lessons.

“NO”- As we are a commercial business and the nature of how it is setup, by law we are only allowed to carry people in the boat that are having a lesson and getting in the water.

No. The maximum number of kids under 16 years of age without a junior boat licence that can be booked in the same lesson in the child category is 4, however if you have kids that are under 16 ‘with a junior boat licence’, you can book them in under the Adult participant category. So in the end you can book 6 kids in , as long as there is a combination that 2 of the 6 are either over 16 and/or under 16 and have a junior boat licence.

No. By law anyone under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket in the boat at all times. If your child doesn’t have a life jacket you can book one free of charge on the online booking form when you are making your booking.

6 is the most we can carry in the boat at any one time.

Maybe, if you book 3 or more people in on the same day and session you will immediately get a confirmation email. If you only book 2 people in and no one else has booked in on the same day and session as you have, you will get an email saying- ‘PENDING’ ‘your order is not confirmed, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please wait for confirmation’, once the third person has booked in on the same day and session as you, you will automatically get a confirmation email confirming your booking.

No, we can supply any gear you don’t have at no charge, there is a section in the online booking form that allows you to book gear that we supply. If you have your own gear and are not looking to upgrade it we recommend you bring your own gear along with you for your lesson.

100% Yes, you can call our River Front Ski & Wakeboard Store prior to making your booking and discuss with us what gear you would like to test and you will be able to put this information into the online booking form at the time of booking, that way it will be in the boat when you arrive for your session with us.

We would love any feedback about this FAQ page and please request any questions you would like to see on this page to make the process run more smoothly.
Thankyou from the BSW Team

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